About Me

I am a speech-language pathologist who specializes in working with individuals with complex communication needs. I have worked as a school-based speech-language pathologist in a public school district serving students with moderate-to-intensive needs in four buildings in grades 1-12. Additionally, I’ve served a diverse caseload of children and adults in an outpatient rehabilitation facility, adults in the hospital setting and pediatric clients in their own homes.  Regardless of my work environment, I am on a mission to help individuals find voices of their own.

I believe every child deserves to share their dreams and ideas.  Every child deserves to learn to read and write.  Language connects people to one another.  Literacy ensures access to life-long learning and maximum independence.  My mission is a personal one.  I am a mom to two amazing teenagers.  Our son uses an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) device as his voice due to severe apraxia and dysarthria. He works harder than anyone I know to make himself heard and his sister is his best friend and fiercest advocate.  In this blog, I hope to share my experiences in both my [colliding] worlds as a mother and SLP.

I look forward to meeting other speech-language pathologists, parents and professionals via this blog so that I may learn from their journeys, experiences and lessons as well.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Courtney, I want to ask if you have any experience with non-verbal autistic children. My grandson is 8 and speaks very few actual words. He’s a joy to be around most of the time. Very happy kid. But I know he struggles and gets frustrated that he understands everything said to him yet cannot communicate with us in the same way.
    Denise Brady

  2. Thank you for commenting in such a timely manner. My daughter and grandson are moving near me in time for him to start school here in the 3rd grade. He has an IEP, I have not seen it yet, from his last school in Florida. I’m concerned that JJ not only continue learning along an outline that he’s happy with but that we and he can begin to see a positive improvement. Can you give me an outline of your services and fees, please.
    Thank you very much

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