Camp ALEC 2019

Literacy Camp for Children with Physical Disabilities Who Use AAC

AACLiteracy – Education – Communication

August 11-17, 2019
Indian Trails Camp
O-1859 Lake Michigan Drive
Grand Rapids, MI 49534

This program will be offered to children with physical disabilities at the beautiful barrier-free Indian Trails Camp in Grand Rapids, MI. This camp is designed for struggling readers ranging from beginners to those who have difficulty with comprehension given books at their grade level.  Campers whose primary communication mode is AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) are highly encouraged to attend.  During this session, campers will enjoy regular recreational activities and also work daily with educational specialists on literacy-related activities.  This session is directed by internationally recognized literacy experts Drs. Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver.  Informal descriptive reports of literacy assessments and evidence-based interventions are provided to families to share with their educational teams.  Literacy activities will be delivered in 1:1 settings and customized based on the campers unique needs.

Children and young adults with physical and language disabilities are welcome to attend Camp ALEC. Campers should have a reliable means of communication, which may include an AAC system.  At minimum, campers should recognize most of their letters and letter sounds and demonstrate an interest in and the ability to attend to book reading activities.  However, this camp is NOT just for beginning readers.  Literacy campers will be asked to submit current IEPs and recent educational evaluation reports prior to camp to enable customized assessment and interventions throughout the week.

Literacy activities will be under the direction of Drs. Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver from the Center for Literacy and Disabilities Studies and educators who have participated in advanced training in the Whole to Part Assessment. Additionally, the Health Center is managed by devoted nursing staff 24 hours a day.

Literacy campers will participate in three hours of literacy activities each day in a 1:1 setting. Literacy activities include direct assessment of areas such as word identification, language comprehension, and print processing including cognitive tasks of eye movements, making links from printed words directly to their meanings, using inner speech to monitor comprehension, projecting prosody, and integrating all four skills.  For the remainder of each day, literacy campers will enjoy recreational activities such as Swimming, Boating, Arts & Crafts, Field Games, Music, and Nature.

Details and registration applications are available at

For questions or specific information related to this literacy camp, please send an email to


3 thoughts on “Camp ALEC 2019

  1. This sounds SO amazing!! I can’t wait to hear all about it! Congrats to you for taking the plunge into the blogging world.. You offer such a unique perspective, I’m sure you will be an inspiration to many! 🙂

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