A comprehensive implementation program for the delivery of Universal Core vocabulary instruction. Resources include online self-directed modules for teaching communication during academic instruction such as shared reading, predictable chart writing, alphabet knowledge and phonetic awareness, independent reading and independent writing.

Professional development modules for educators working with students with significant cognitive disabilities. Resources include online self-directed modules on topics such as emergent writing, writing with alternate pencils, shared reading, teaching text comprehension including Anchor-Read-Apply and more.

In her blog, this former school teacher and mother of two boys shares her experiences as a parent navigating her way around in the world of Special Education.  She is honest and opinionated and works hard to be a vehicle of change for children.

This website offers practical, evidence-based strategies, tools and resources for promoting AAC learning and building meaningful relationships and opportunities through communication.

Specific guidelines and evidence-based literacy intervention strategies for individuals with complex communication needs from Penn State’s Janice Light and David McNaughton.


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  1. I too love the site I get their daily emails and many times forward them to Speech Paths. in my school district. I am the Speech Pathology / Assistive Technology Program Support therapist for our district. I also teach an AAC Grad. class at Marquette University in the summer session and I use the website and refer to it frequently!!

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